White Renovation

When you buy an apartment there will be:

  1. Partitions made of YTONG material with the sound insulation;

  2. Concrete self-leveling stretched flooring;

  3. Plasterboard ceilings and special moisture-resistant dry-wall ceilings in bathrooms;

  4. Energy-efficient double-glazed plastic-glass doors and windows; 

  5. Heating pipes, electricity with inserted frame sockets, water-sewerage;

  6. Bathroom tiles on the walls and floor, spot lighting and ventilation;

  7. Ceramic tiles on the walls and floor of the kitchen area;

  8. Balconies covered with frost-resistant ceramic-granite slabs;

  9. Main door;

  10. Renovated entrances.

გააფერადე შენი ბინა

  • All residents of the White Square will receive an individual interior design of the apartment, based on their character and needs.

  • Before the final completion of the repair, the company will provide the owner with the necessary information, practical advice, and suggestions that will help to manage the process properly and easily.

  • All apartment owners will join the White Square Residents Club and receive up to 50% discount on repair materials, appliances, furniture, and other household items.



White Square | 15, Al. Kazbegi Ave, 0160 Tbilisi

Sales Office

118, A. Tsereteli Ave. Pavilion 7, Tbilisi (Mon – Fri: 10:00–19:00, Sat: 10:00–16:00)

35a, Vaja Pshavela Ave. Tbilisi (Mon – Fri: 10:00–19:00, Sat: 10:00–16:00)


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