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About the project

The new apartments are being built on Shartava Street, in Saburtalo district, Tbilisi. The project has a convenient location and will be especially interesting for those who follow an active lifestyle, as well as for those who aim to buy an apartment for investment or rental.


• Construction has begun.

• The construction start date is December 2020.

• The completion date for the final refurbishment of the houses and the neighborhood is April 2024.

The apartments are tailored to different needs: For new families, for rental, for investment, for students, or large families. Living spaces start from 62 square meters.

Will Finish: April 2024

Address: Saburtalo, Zh. Shartava 43

Project Advantages

The new apartments will be energy efficient, adapted, and equipped with a fire protection system.


A generator will be installed in the buildings to provide evacuation and emergency lighting for fire safety systems, drinking water pumps, elevators, parking lots, corridors, public spaces, and courtyards.

The complex will contain open and public, as well as closed parking lots under the building.

The exterior and interior walls are built of blocks with thermal insulation properties. A wall made of this material maintains room temperature longer and provides sound insulation. Aluminum double glazed doors and windows installed in the apartments are also energy efficient.

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