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About the project

A new residential building "White Square on Kavtaradze" is being built in Tbilisi, in the center of Saburtalo, on Kavtaradze Street. The 17-storey building includes 137 apartments, various types of commercial and office spaces.

It is possible to get to the territory both from Kavtaradze and from University Street.

The convenient location is especially interesting for those who plan to buy an apartment for investment, living or renting.

The apartments are adapted to different needs: for new families, for rent, for students or for large families.

Will Finish: December 2024

Address: Saburtalo, Kavtaradze st. 22D

Project Advantages

The building will be equipped with a generator that will provide fire safety systems, drinking water pumps, elevators, parking, corridors, public areas and courtyard, evacuation and emergency lighting.

On the balcony of each apartment there is a place to place a boiler and a remote air conditioner unit - in a specially arranged boiler room, a checkpoint. The boiler room also has condensate collection pipes.

Individual shafts are designed for each apartment, both for the kitchen and for the bathroom. Consequently, different pipes on different shafts are not connected, and communications of neighbors on the same shaft are not connected either. Wiring is provided for installing a gas leak detector in the kitchen.

One of the main advantages of the project is the energy efficiency, which is constructed from the energy efficient and fire resistant YTONG block. Such a block reduces the cost of heating and cooling, in addition, the block is fireproof, environmentally friendly and has soundproof properties.

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